New Brand Partners for 2017 - The Outlierman, Dom Vetro & Ace Marks

We're very excited to now offer products from these amazing brands within our Luxury Surprise Boxes.

Each of these brands has something in common - they're all Made In Italy!

The Outlierman

Renowned for their range of products for the gentleman driver including driving gloves, ties, scarves & car travel accessories, they represent the finest Italian craftsmanship with designs that pay homage to the glory days of style, fashion and grand touring.

Check them out at:

Here are their hand-made Bespoke Limited Edition Driving Gloves made from the softest nappa lambskin & peccary leather matched with another Italian beauty!




Dom Vetro - Eyewear

Each Dom Vetro pair of glasses is hand-crafted in the Italian Alps by specialist artisans committed to quality and classic luxury. With modern on-trend styles that maintain ties to the classics, they make the perfect companion for any outdoor activity or occasion. 

Check them out at:

Here are some examples of the Dom Vetro Eyewear collection - The F36 in Quartz and the Primo in Jet Black!



Ace Marks Shoes

Ace Marks shoes are handmade in a small factory in Italy run by a family of 4th generation artisans using the finest materials and craftsmanship handed down over generations. Their designs are bold yet beautiful, modern yet luxurious and are sure to make a powerful statement.

Check them out at:

Here is an example of Ace Marks shoes - The Wingtip Vincent in Brown Antique and Blue Suede!






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