2015, a year in review...and a bright future ahead.

2015 was an amazing year for us, as this was the year that DILUSSO was born. We set out to do something no one has ever done before. Sure, there are plenty of surprise boxes in the market, delivering goods from cosmetics to doggie toys.  However, our concept was to take this "box" phenomenon to a whole new level of luxury.  DILUSSO provides a new way for a man to commemorate life's successes, milestones, or special moments in time, by celebrating with a hand-delivered mahogany box, filled with the hottest luxury brands and exhilarating experiences. Of course, the star of each DILUSSO surprise box is a fine Swiss Timepiece.


The question was: Can this actually be done? For months, we traveled the world to meet with and learn from some of the biggest names in the luxury industry from Beverly Hills to New York, and from Geneva to Milan. We could not be more grateful for their guidance, encouragement, and sage advice along the way. There are too many advisors, supporters, and friends of DILUSSO to mention in a short blog post, who were instrumental in helping us to shape our concept. You know who you are--THANK YOU!


We explored super-cars in Italy, walked red carpets in Hollywood, and met Movie Stars and All-Stars as a charity event sponsor in the Dominican Republic.



2015 was also a year of great discovery, as we built partnerships with some of the most exclusive brands.  A special thank you to the following brand partnerships we developed in 2015 and the friendships that have bloomed along the way: Anil Arjandas, Edelberg, De Bethune, Ateliers DeMonaco, Christophe & Co, Roland Iten, MCT, Nialaya, Roger Dubuis, Marcus B. Williams, Les Concierges, and Vertu


After 9 months of development, DILUSSO was “born”.  ;-)   All kidding aside, in Q4 of 2015, DILUSSO flipped the switch on its web site—officially opening for business.  This wouldn’t have been possible without bringing aboard our first two curators: PaneraiCentral and WhatUsMenLike.  Brothers, we’re eternally grateful to you for your faith, energy, and the unsurpassed service you’ve provided to our customers.


While the memories of our beginning in 2015 will live with us forever, it’s time to begin thinking about our bright future ahead.  In 2016, DILUSSO will be announcing several new brand partnerships; once in a lifetime experiences; curators; and new boxes that are sure to blow your mind.  We’ve learned so much in the past year. We cannot wait to turn that wisdom into amazing DILUSSO experiences for our customers in the coming year!

Wishing you a year of peace, prosperity, and lots of surprises in 2016!


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